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Fifty years Without feeling the gravity under my feet Fifty years Since I left everything I built, And everyone I loved, behind Fifty years Of silence I can clearly remember The day the world Collapsed on itself I can clearly remember The mass panic The mass graves Our animals turned against us And fled far from the cities Later our trees began to rot Soon gave bitter and wormy fruits The streets were full of men in uniform Who told us to remain calm Later the streets were full of prophets Who prompted us to taste the human flesh From above It now looks like A blur dot That glows so faintly It was Not a long time ago But my home Is now far away, far away In space No one can hear you cry (No one) Science Affliction *Awake* *Awake* The heart of our vessel Is a frozen cathedral Where recumbant figures Are peacefully plunged into An eternal sleep An eternal life An eternal dream An eternal lie Waiting for A permanent disconnection I can’t prevent from wondering What happened then Below Now I can’t prevent from thinking That my body belongs To the ground We left the chaos for the void And there’s no point of arrival Up there -”Transmission”- -”here is a message”- -”from the stars”- -”Can you hear me”- -”I repeat” -”Can you hear me”- It was Not a long time ago But the Earth Is now far away, far away In space No one can hear you cry (No one) Science Affliction From above It now looks like A black dot on black And it glows no more And it glows no more -”we are lost as lost can be”- -”end of transmission”-
It may look unhealthy, at first But it’s the perfect pleasure toy It can be everything I want it to be My slutty slave, my fetish mistress fantasy Each time I’m plugged, between its legs, And feel the pulse beating under its ‘real’ skin It’s not a machine anymore, no We’re true lovers and so much more, so And she drains me She sucks out my energy And she blows me A mutual blast of endorphins I could even feel what she feels And it drains me Till I faint from ecstasy Then I close my eyes And cuddle up to her As its air-cooled heart Now remains idle I’m not its owner anymore, no We’re true lovers and she wants more, so All day long she makes me come She pushed back the frontiers of climax In the end it hurts to be alive, To be a human anymore It hurts Like greyscale agony Let’s fuck one more time My good pixel fairy My silicon succubus My carbon fibre cage My divine deadly doll Compress my painful body Move it to oblivion And copy / paste my mind Into your pink circuit And we’ll run together And we’ll fuck forever through the loops of our joyful pink circuit And we’ll run together And we’ll fuck forever Till a power cut tear us apart And we’ll run together And we’ll fuck forever through the loops of our joyful pink circuit And we’ll run together And we’ll fuck forever Till a power cut tear us apart She drains me Till I die from ecstasy
A boiling crucible Filled with mud Half melting steel Half broken skulls Into this perpetual grinding machine A masterpiece of dismal alchemy A thousand fallen soldiers Endless echoes of artillery Bursting with lead Oxidized Long gone and forgotten Petrified Still poisoning the earth Oxidized Oxidized Deep down under ground Bursting with lead We’re at peace now Almost inorganic Disbanded batallion Rooted in the dark The last postcards from the Front Are distant memories Nothing won’t happen again Under the bark, the bark of the trees Nothing won’t happen again We’re safe now Bursting with lead Oxidized Till the Day of Reckoning Petrified Till the Grand Corpse Puppetry Oxidized Oxidized Belched from under ground Deep inside The haunted fields Metallic seeds Bloom in rust A volcanic birth A gaping mouth of darkness A whirling black hole Heralds the holy Corrosion These melted shapes Alloys of flesh and iron Grim-boned machinery Now start moving, slowly (Oxidized) The sparkling risen All those who used to be (Oxidized) The sparkling angels All those who died in pain Animate Enter the light Enter the age of steel
I was made in God’s image I shape a wonderland inside I built myself a safe new world Filled it with ghosts and recesses A hiding place I keep private And I folded it up deep into my chest Here we can party every day Here there’s always a bunch of friends Crystal tea Nonsense tunes And giant screens Streaming quality p0rn -As if in a dream Quoth the inner voice -No request is too extreme Quoth the white star on the screen And Your wish Come True I was made in God’s image Magical run on a golden brick road The whirling black holes in my head keep turning As my heart explodes with joy and power You could nail me like a bug You could nail me on the cross Mystical toyshop ; heavenly kingdom Immortality, immortality’s at end Quietude, solitude, quietist interlude Not scared anymore By the dead bonez in the tomb And the hellish cauldrons boil Outside In the woods And the three witches keep watch Outside In the woods I fear the dark again It’s filled with screams and pain But soon I’ll find a way out A way back, a way black Through the rabid rabbit’s hole [O.D.]dity in Neverland In Never[...]
I whispered words of solace She made a plea for mercy Then I gently kept her quiet Critically still Solemn, suddenly small Inanimate mangled doll Critically still She was one among many Removed far from pain and misery Now scattered all over the gloom Removed from my loving memory It’s gruesome, but so easy How resilient I can be To post-murder vacuity To my natural empathy (Resilient) Condemned to continual widowerhood I confess I did not take the easy way out But over time I only keep merry crime memories You know, I see myself as a refined french gentleman With very ‘specific’ skills Kind of old-fashioned romantic hero In constant search for esthetic rapture -Through deadly gestures Alas! I can’t bring them back They’re buried too deep, with exquisite care, They can’t touch me As I don’t even remember their faces or names They can’t haunt me But ‘le fumet’ of their flesh remains heady You can’t haunt me You live forever inside of me You reinforce me Your life flows, fresh, inside of me Sometimes at night, I admit I don’t feel very comfortable Not guilty, strictly speaking, but lonely and observed at the same time I try not to think too much, and focus on tomorrow On new ravishing muses There’s always a smell of decay floating above my bed Too many organic stains on the floor I can’t clean I can live with these graceful spirits by my side While their mortal remains dry in my ‘cabinet noir’ Yes I have nightmares Like you Yes I can cry Like you Yes I’m afraid to die Like you I am such a sensitive man indeed But my love for Art, passion drawn in red, is stronger than your pain
I cut myself off from the world Some thought I was lost (-and I am) I went on a drab pilgrimage To the Abode of the Dead and back I descended into a great pit of stillness Surrounded by its thick veil of gloom I listened to the רפאים lament What was revealed to thee Thou shalt not depict I grazed vague shades Devoid of expression Their buzzing chant Gashed my heart forever My hair turned from black to bone white Pillar of fire consumed my narrow sight Holy terror consecrated my whole soul And time came to return to the land of living From Rome To Mecca And Jerusalem To spread the Bad Word The unbearable Truth There’s no hope beside, below, or beyond for you Except יהוה retribution for your sins There’s no hope beside, below, or beyond for you No salvation But eternal pain And darkness For all My cruel brothers, they called me apostate They said the Devil speaks through my mouth They said I let my own mother die with grief They accused me of blasphemy But for truly, I tell you : God condemns you all From the top of my very own Golgotha I’ll sing my insane anthem Till the glorious End of Times God condemns you all No salvation But eternal pain And darkness
So came the day I figured out That the last teardrop had dried in my throat I could not deal with rage anymore I could not rinse the lies that wasted my heart What you spoiled is lost forever Who you drowned now drifts forever Sinking Drowning I left your delusions on the shore Without a single bitter look behind Pulled all my love out like a slough Said ‘adieu’ to hostile terra firma What you spoiled is lost forever Who you drowned now drifts forever As I sink Deeper And deeper The current flows Stronger And stronger (Deeper) (Stronger) But I feel fine For the first time in my life As nitrogen narcosis Casts a cold smile on my face Yeah I feel fine Dead drunk in a liquid dream Rehydrated, so quiet : I don’t fear death anymore I don’t fear its depths I don’t fear its blue I don’t fear its waves I don’t fear Death I reach the bottom of the sea Infinite land of gloom and silence Between tyrian purple candelabra Fearsome shadows of rusted wrecks Ivory shells shimmer Under a dreary shroud of silt Misshapen beings quiver And constrict me As water fills my lungs Sinking Drowning Half-covered with slimy seaweed My bones are merged with sharp coral reef I’d like to spell some human words But moray eels ripped my mouth into strips My dislocated jaws seem to sing: ‘What you spoiled is lost forever Who you drowned now drifts forever’ As I sink Deeper And deeper The current flows Stronger And stronger


released February 8, 2013


all rights reserved



Erdh Paris, France

Erdh came to life after Nicolas Pingnelain (composer, programmer, bass and guitars) met Wormfood leader Emmanuel ‘El Worm’ Levy (vocals, lyrics).
Resilient is French duo Erdh’s first studio release.

Resilient is a series of seven tracks which read as so many mazes, structure shifts, meandering paths, ebbing and flowing and will surprise, puzzle and captivate you.
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